Varsika Yoga

Everyone has experienced some kind of challenge.  Varsika Yoga is for survivors, to help link body, mind and breath.   Teaching you to cultivate a practice that will ground you, so you can teach yourself to fly.

Varsika has many different meanings, but one is Agar Wood.  Agar wood is a precious resource that is formed when the Aquilaria Tree is infected with a certain mould.  The tree produces a resin to combat the mould, and the wood that results is Agarwood.  It is often used to calm the mental state.   I think it is beautiful that from an infection comes one of the worlds most precious resources.

As the old adage goes, broken bones heal stronger.  If one looks at trials as a process, that results in more strength, even the greatest hardship can become a lighter load.

I have the intention of teaching you to teach yourself.  Guiding you on your yoga journey, and helping you cultivate your own guide/teacher/ self knowledge and strength.

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